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Welcome to, StatusVideo4U is for your entertainment, here we provide you the latest Whatsapp statuses, quotes, messages, jokes, Shayari, Wishes, puzzles, captions, thoughts, essays, biographies, and Wallpapers in many different languages like Hindi, English, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati and other languages for free of cost.

We believe that the reach of the spoken word gives us a unique glimpse into the historical, political and cultural history of the world we have shared. And the thought and speech which is sweet, is considered like nectar. Therefore, along with entertaining you here, we will also inform you about good ideas, which you can share with your people.

There is something to see here for all types of people, for example, good ideas, quotes, status, jokes, or best wishes. You will get to see a lot more. and will be for every age person.

We work with reliable advertisers and high quality advertising networks. Because we have to take care of our user first. We make sure that the ads shown on our site are family friendly, and we limit aggressive and intrusive advertising, as we value our audience, and want everyone to like us!

Along with this, whatever content you will get to see here will be genuine, and the ideas that will be given by the real people. If you discover a writer, who is a character, and not a real human being, let us know and we will improve.

Here you will get to see and learn something new every day. Because we understand that every day users like to read something new. And you do not have any ideas, status, quotes, jokes, or wishes that you want on our website. So you can tell us that we will definitely update them on our website.

Whatever content you will get to see on this website, it will inspire or inform you. But we will not keep all the content inspiring here, we will try to give different types of content keeping in mind your entertainment. We include ‘non-minded’ quotes, as they entertain or add to our cultural interactions.

In true terms, the quality and accuracy of our content are our top priority. And it will be our goal that we keep updating high-quality content here. We hope that you have managed to understand our message.

Thanks For Coming Here.